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December newsletter: Year's end!

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by zinnia


There's not actually snow for me...

Hi all! Hope everyone had a relaxing November, or at least a little bit of a break from life's hardships. If not, we can still celebrate how far we've come anyways!

We're still not quite ready for full relaunch yet, but we're moving closer to that checkpoint every day! But consider this an... advance notice that things may be moving faster soon.

Let's dive into the newsletter!

✦ Masterlist image guideline changes and updated design guide ✦

This is a pretty big one, so it's here first! An announcement was made both in out Discord server and onsite, but you may see the direct link to the announcement here.

TL;DR - No action is needed for existing images, but please keep these in mind for the future!

✦ Monthly prompt ✦

The last month of the year is always a time for celebration - no matter  if it's a frigid snowy winter or warm and humid summer night! With so  much diversity of environments and cultures around the galaxy, how does  your Poffin celebrate the years end, or any other holidays around this  time?

View and submit your prompt here!

✦ Gift exchange ✦

This event will be held exclusively in the Poffins Discord!  Spread some festive excitement, and get some in return! This event is  effectively just a DFTPAY (draw for the person above you) event, but  with the addition of being able to turn in your finished gifts for extra  bonuses!

Full rules and details can be found within the Poffins Discord server!

✦ OPEN ADOPTS ✦1048_Un1Kf1ftOM_th.png1050_2pyGaYHr0r_th.png

Two of the bug basket adopts are still open! You can click the bolded link to claim them, if you'd like!

✦ Let's keep moving forwards! ✦

I'm tacky, sorry. But despite it all, the support and enthusiasm from the community as well as fellow staff has helped things keep rolling - thank you as always ♥
If you'd like live updates, or just a place to hang out, our Discord server is always open!

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IMPORTANT: Changes to ML image and redesign guidelines!

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by zinnia

Hi all! Coming at 'ya with an announcement regarding some changes staff has decided to make regarding the handling of masterlist images and redesign percentage guidelines.



For masterlist images - from the posting of this news post and onwards, submitted MYO designs should adhere to new guidelines for 'main' masterlist images. These guidelines, as well as information on new additional image types, can be found at the revamped design guide. For the most part though, the guidelines are now as follows;

  • The image must feature the full body of the Poffin, in color. Shading is optional.
  • There should be no additional text, alternate/detail views, or anything other than the poffin itself.
  • The image background must be transparent.
  • Image upload sizes are officially capped at 1500x1500 pixels.

This has been done in order to streamline the UI for upcoming additions to the character pages! However, if you enjoy adding more reference-style images, you may submit an additional reference image type by doing a design 'update'.

There is no 'due date' or requirement to change old masterlist images, but any future uploads must fit these guidelines.

For redesign percents - the percentage of design change allowed for Poffin redesigns has globally been changed to 40%, or 60% with an edit starfly. If you're confused by calculation at all, the revamped design guide linked above includes a 'calculator' of common changes and how they'd equate in terms of percents.

You'll find that the MYO submission and design update request pages have been edited to reflect these, as well as to offer a bit more clarity on how to fill it out. While the revamped design guide lacks images at the moment, we plan to add images for additional clarification as soon as we can!

Thank you!

November newsletter: Poffins are resting!

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Just 5 more minutes...

October seemed like it just flew by, and with the swiftness of that month comes the beginning of winter flurries (at least, for me. there's so much snow please take some.)

Unfortunately, it also wasn't the kindest month to staff - leaving development at a bit of a standstill. So, staff figured it'd be best to keep development a bit more low-key this month, as to focus on the various things that life had thrown at us in October.

What does this mean?
All site functions that require manual input (approvals of all kinds, mostly) will still be taken care of, however active development, updates, and management of any bug reports may be slower. Though there are some exciting things brewing under the hood, nothing too drastic is planned to happen.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we hope to bring some surprises for December at least!

✦ Monthly prompt ✦

It's getting colder for those in the northern hemisphere, so maybe it's a good time for a nap...
This month's prompt is based around the idea of 'cozy' activities! Sleeping in, bundling up, playing a familiar video game... whatever brings warmth and comfort!

View and submit your prompt here!

✦ OPEN ADOPTS ✦1048_Un1Kf1ftOM_th.png1050_2pyGaYHr0r_th.png

Two of the bug basket adopts are still open! You can click the bolded link to claim them, if you'd like!

✦ Let's keep moving forwards! ✦

As usual, I like to close these out with thanks for the support and patience from the community! It means a lot, especially in harder months ❤
If you'd like live updates, or just a place to hang out, our Discord server is always open!

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October newsletter: Monster mash!

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Happy October! The weather may not be entirely cold for some of you yet, but we can at least pretend it's chilly and spooky out!

September was a busy month with lots of minor website explosions and upgrades, but with (most) of the kinks ironed out, focus can start getting shifted to the cooler things 👀


Thanks to everyone's help, the overabundance of bugs has been cut down - but we're not done yet!
While the month may have rolled over, you may still submit valid reports for Critter Containers, as well as fill in the prompt and forage for them!

Staff has two major things on the checklist for launch, now that many of the worst bugs have been dealt with: Get species-currency purchaseable MYOs ready, and add in at least one of the 'big' planned features!
The first is already set up, and you may be seeing a new silly scientist around very soon...
For the second, we want to hear from you! Vote on the Toyhouse bulletin on which feature you'd be more interested in seeing come to Poffins first - keep in mind though, both will be implemented eventually!

Exploring: Use the steps you earn from creating to go on adventures! Each step in one action in a chosen location, and you'll be able to earn Star Tears, EXP, and items to craft things with!
Genetics: With the power of [OPEN TO INTERPERETATION], mix the mysterious and malleable genomes of two Poffins to create a genetic myo, with set traits to work with as a challenge! Play with chance, mutations, and a basis for inspiration!

Once we know which feature is more high priority by the community, we can start working to getting things more ready with it, as well as filling in and updating various assets along the way!


Just because there's still some bugs crawling around doesn't mean we can't have some seasonal fun!
This month's prompt is Monster mash! Create something about your Poffin encountering a monster of sorts! Is it a bogeyman, a deep space horror... or maybe just some kids in costumes? It's all up to you, have fun with it!

View and submit your prompt here!


View the full changelog here!

Lots of bugs have been squashed, but don't hesitate to submit new reports or bump existing ones! Most notably, awards for collection completetion (i.e. the bug collection) will now be able to be collected when visiting your awardcase!

Some have wondered about what the 'transformations' option on characters means... the wording needs to, uh, be updated, but these are essentially alternate forms/images for your character!
You can now request a design update to add a designated 'reference image' tab for your Poffin! In the future, you'll also be able to purchase outfit slots with ST, to specifially showcase any cool outfits!
Sidenote: You're still free to create as many outfits as you want for your Poffin at any time! These outfit slots are simply to display them on their profile.

You also may have been hearing repeated talk of 'sphynxes' or 'sphynxpoffs'... it's nothing though, I think, right? The weird bell ringing in Bobby's Bodega and meowing behind the construction curtain probably doesn't mean anything.



Two of the bug basket adopts are still open! You can click the bolded link to claim them, if you'd like!


The support and excitement over the last month has been a major motivating factor, and despite IRL troubles and sickness, it helps things keep moving! We're hoping that this month will bring lots of exciting things to come :D
Per usual, you may join the Discord below if you like things like live updates!

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F2E Common MYO Slots Raffle

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Good morning and happy Monday, Poffpals!
We're coming at you today with a F2E Common MYO Slot Raffle!

This is a totally free raffle for Common slots and there will be two winners!
This raffle will run for one week starting now (Oct 2) and ending Oct 9 at 11:59PM EST.


Read on for how to join and get tickets!

- Have a Poffins site account (required)
- Post a bulletin linking back to this raffle (required)
- Post a bulletin/status/etc on a non-TH site (optional, +1)
- Tag up to 3 friends (optional, +1 each)
- Join the ToyHouse World (optional, +1)
- Join the Discord (optional, +1)
- Fill out the form below and post it here (required - if you do not have a TH account, you may post in the comments below)


Please post your entry form here in the comments.
If you do not have a TH account, you may post in the comments below. Please only post in one place.

Poffins Site Username: [required]
✦ Bulletin: [required]
✦ External Promo: [optional, +1]
✦ Tags: [optional, up to +3]
✦ Joined World?: [optional, +1]
✦ Discord Username: [optional, +1]

✦ The raffle will close on October 9 at 11:59PM EST, so be sure to get your entries in by then! ✦

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September newsletter: Bughunt!

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Hi howdy! Welcome to the (p)relaunch party! Not quite relaunch ready yet, but we can still have some fun, right?


A certain genre of small critter is giving its last great stand before the cold months come in! And they're, uh... everywhere. Maybe your poffin could lend a hand?

There are two parts to this event!
The first is a standard monthly prompt-style part - draw or write your poffin looking for bugs! Are they searching the forests high and low for grubs, or do they have something a little more... extraterrestrial in mind? If you're not a fan of the concept of bugs in general, you're free to just create something involving your poffin enjoying nature!
While the prompt has a flat reward for meeting the minimum requirements, you can now also submit to the on-site gallery to get effort-based rewards, too!

Find the prompt here, which includes the minimum requirements and rewards!
Due to the open nature of a prelaunch state, this prompt does not have a set end date - it will run until the staff team feels like we're ready to officially launch!

The second is a user-interactive part!
The staff team are self proclaimed experts at finding out how to break things, but they can only do so much - so you can help, too! If you encounter a bug, file an on-site report with information on how to replicate it! Though, for severe bugs, it'd probably be preferred to poke Zin in the Discord.

There's also some more idle ways to participate, like foraging!

By participating, you can get critter containers to go and catch some lil guys! These act as collectable pets who may be helpful for the future 👀

If you don't have a Poffin, you're more than welcome to use our NPCs in artwork!


Assets and other cool website things are... sometimes expensive! So, to get some extra wriggle room with this, there's a set of three designs for sale, with the profits going towards shiny new things for the website!



The Common (C) adopts will be up for flatsale of $25, while the Special (SP) adopt will be on auction, with a $35 SB!

View the sale and claim here

Sale opens at 5pm MST, September 11, 2023

While these particular adopts are for money as a means of fundraising, you can expect adopts for onsite currency and misc OTA in the future for those who want other options! As well as a few free raffles 👀


Thank you dearly, from myself and the rest of the Poffins team - for the support and patience! We're excited to bring new things for the future, and to share them with everyone! Stay tuned for more features as we work on them, and join the Discord if you'd like more 'live' updates!

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Poffins... 2!!!

Posted 9 months ago :: Last edited 9 months ago by zinnia

A strange announcement from space?!


Testing, testing, 1 2 3!

Hi again! This announcement comes after one that was posted in the discord (but not here to avoid bulletin spam) - the initial website updates have been given an ALL CLEAR! You may now log in to the Poffinsworld website again and check everything out!

Now that we've gone over the big hump, there's going to be lots of rapid-fire changes now that the rest of the staff has access to the new infrastructure that was previously on the local build only!

Here are the current, most impactful changes (AS OF THE INITIAL PUSH, SEPTEMBER 6TH 2023):

✦ The layout has been redone! Currently there's only light mode available, but dark mode will be added as a priority!
✦ New features! Or... at least the frameworks for them? Data has to be created for them to be usable, so the staff team is going to be busy getting these up and working! But you'll notice some additions to your poff's profile pages, hinting at these! But among these include outfit slots, alternate forms, gear, weapons, pets, stats, genetics... oh boy!
TOYHOUSE SIGNUP AND LOGIN! I hope. It should be working >>;
✦ The species currency (Star tears / ST) has been recalculated!
The traits list has been cut to a generalized, manageable size! But that doesn't mean your poff's 'microtraits' have exactly gone away...

Ok, cool. How does this impact me, and do I need to do anything?

Because of the previous amount of traits and all the math involved with ST recalculation, there's no easy way to automatically replace these. That's where you come in!
If you submit a claim onsite and follow the instructions here, staff can make sure everything is updated for you!

You'll get a nifty profile badge out of it, as thanks for your continued support!

Also, the bug hunt event is here! If you'd like some extra stuff to do!

Why the update now if it's not complete?

There's two major components to the website - the backend, which is a bunch of code edited directly; and the frontend, which can be edited by any of the staff and is generally less of a pain. This 'big push' makes a lot of the backend changes live, which allow for staff to even make these new frontend changes.

We'll be running to finish things up now that this foundation is in place, but to keep things accessible and assist with squashing bugs, regular users will be able to still access the website.

Where can I get status updates?

A weekly changelog will be published on the website Iif I... remember it), but for live status updates and fixes, you can join our Discord! 

Thank you again for bearing with us, and we hope to bring a full exciting relaunch soon!

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