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Created: 11 September 2023, 01:40:07 EDT
Last updated: 20 September 2023, 16:35:35 EDT

Bugs? Bugs!

Welcome to the (p)relaunch party! Not quite relaunch ready yet, but we can still have some fun, right?

A certain genre of small critter is giving its last great stand before the cold months come in! And they're, uh... everywhere. Maybe your poffin could lend a hand?

There are two parts to this event!
The first is a standard monthly prompt-style part - draw or write your poffin looking for bugs! Are the searching the forests high and low for grubs, or do they have something a little more... extraterrestrial in mind? If you're not a fan of the concept of bugs in general, you're free to just create something involving your poffin enjoying nature!
While the prompt has a flat reward for meeting the minimum requirements, you can now also submit to the on-site gallery to get effort-based rewards, too!

The second is a user-interactive part!
The staff team are self proclaimed experts at finding out how to break things, but they can only do so much - so you can help, too! If you encounter a bug, file an on-site report with information on how to replicate it! Though, for severe bugs, it'd probably be preferred to poke Zin in the Discord.

There's also some more idle ways to participate, like foraging!

By participating, you can get critter containers to go and catch some lil guys! These act as collectable pets who may be helpful for the future 👀

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