Terms of Service

Created: 17 December 2021, 19:09:20 EST
Last updated: 20 September 2023, 16:38:59 EDT
  1. You must be 13+ to own a Poffin or participate in the community.
  2. No hate speech, abuse, stalking, harassment, discrimination, or illegal behaviour will be tolerated within PoffinsWorld or elsewhere. Treat all users with respect.
  3. Poffins may not be used to promote content or appear in art that is racist, anti-LGBTQA+, anti-semitic, bigoted, offensive/fetishistic, or otherwise intentionally hateful/harmful content.
  4. Rule 3 does not apply to things like drug use, dark themes, and otherwise mature/NSFW content (18+ users/characters only).
  5. Poffins may not be heavily based off of existing/canon characters and/or real people. Light inspiration is fine.
  6. Poffins may not contain copyrighted © or trademarked ™ media/material as part of their base design (false eyes, leg markings, etc). These things are allowed on clothing and accessories. Knockoffs are allowed on the base design.
  7. Do not copy existing Poffins or characters for your design. If a design is found to be based on a canon character or someone else's oc - even after being approved - the design will have to be edited or will be discontinued from the species.
  8. Scamming of any kind in any community is a bannable offense.
  9. Illegal behaviour (consuming/creating illegal content, etc) is a bannable offense.
  10. Poffins may not be sold, traded, gifted, or otherwise transferred to blacklisted users.
  11. Poffins may not be sold as, for, or associated with NFTs, cryptocurrency, etc.
  12. Voiding information can be found here.
  13. Profiles must be at a PG-13 level or less on the Poffins World site and in the Discord server, and links to outside content must be appropriately flagged if applicable.
  14. The above may be considered the Poffins Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Users caught breaking the ToS or going against the CoC will be warned and may end up banned/blacklisted from the species.