Dev Logs

October 9 '23 Devlog

Posted 8 months ago :: Last edited 8 months ago by zinnia

Hi howdy! Apologies for the lack of updates - as I mentioned in the Discord server, family gave me covid, and I was pretty much feeling like a corpse for a solid week. I'm still slow and shaky, but I'm getting better by the day! That said, I was finally able to work on site stuff again.

Monster mash

New monthly prompt! Yahoo! No raffle alingside this one, but I hope it'll at least spark some king of spooky idea?

Weekly rollover

The weekly challenge has rolled over! The theme this week is 'mysterious figure'.

Bugs fixed

  • The completion award for collection all the bugs is now properly able to be collected by users who've completed the collection! Go to your awardcase to collect it.
  • EXP not rewarding automatically from prompts (should be) fixed.
  • Badges (on mobile) no longer cover important screen locations, and character badges were scooted over a bit.
  • Other small UI tweaks

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll be able to ramp up progress a bit as I continue to recover.

September 19 '23 Devlog

Posted 9 months ago :: Last edited 9 months ago by zinnia

Hi howdy! I promised I'd do these to catalog updates to the site, so here we are! A day late! Because the smoke was awful here last night. Anyways!

If you're just returning, hi! Lots of stuff has changed! You'll want to take a look at this page here, it'll have information on getting your Poffins and account up to date!

We're running a promotional raffle on right now for a special premade! You can go ahead and enter here by following the instructions!

Alright, time for business!

There's devlogs now?

Yeah! This is one! These are smaller, more technical related but more frequent updates. If you'd like to disable them and only see the 'new' notification for bigger news, you can turn it off in your user settings!

Weekly rollover

The weekly challenge has rolled over! The theme this week is 'old friend'.

Shop updates

The stock of Bobby's Bodega has been updated to include both new prices to reflect the updated currency values, as well as new items to apply features from the special trait umbrellas to your Poffins! Some old items that were used to apply more 'niche' microtraits have also been repurposed for this use.

F2U Resources

There's a page dedicated to free-to-use Poffins resources now, located here! There'll be some cool profile templates there soon, too, so sit tight! But for right now, the official bases are there (which will be used for... things in the future...)

Bugs fixed

I'm... not going to list off everything. I'd be here all week, I don't wanna do that. But a lot of the initial severe bumps from the initial prelaunch have been ironed out! However, please continue to report 500 errors if you find them!

That's all for now! See you next week, where hopefully the smoke will clear up a bit and some really nifty things can start happening \o/